Property Management

Quality of management is an important feature of any successful company and is critical for the long-term investor.

We manage properties of significant quality in Melbourne and they range between apartments, luxury residences and commercial dwellings.

Here, we target good returns, capital growth & strong governing. We business well-structured & strategic lease agreements & We outsmart our competitors because we are Property Managers who own portfolios and are Rental Providers ourselves.

We are not represented by automated supercomputers; our appetite is being round the clock personally contactable.

Nicole Gervasi Property Group is privately and wholly-owned. This is the crucial underpinning of our approach: we have no short-term imperatives and no outside shareholders to distract us or conform. We can simply do what’s right for clients, and that’s what will be sustained.

Investment holding is not easy in our world of 24-hour news, where complexity and noise is confused with rational judgment. It requires the resolve to focus only on what really matters, to think independently and to maintain a long-term perspective.

Owning Property is a hugely powerful thing, it means that you can influence both asset and cash flow directly – Working together with us will improve your financial knowhow and have you well placed to better protect your asset.

What’s Included

Our management fees will have you completely covered.

• Two routine inspections annually (maximum allowable)
• Management of your property’s expenses
• Maintenance and repairs management
• Rent collection and disbursement
• Tribunal dispute resolution
• Lease renewal & increases
• Premium top-ranking online advertisements on all major listing portals
• Comprehensive tenant screening
• Bond Lodgement
• Annual expenditure statements
• Annual up-to-date property value

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