About Us

Nicole Gervasi Property Group is a privately owned firm specialising in Residential & Commercial Sales, Investment Leasing & Property Asset Management.

Nicole Gervasi is known as a major operator with a proven track record. We diversify to match the industries rapid rate of change in view of guaranteeing peoples well-being in all things property. We leverage our expertise to execute complex investment transactions. We invest, sell and manage alongside expert partners from all around the world which makes us a unique market player.

Despite our wide reach we are adamant about one very specific core value, we care about peoples involving need and build practices to meet these needs. Our clients deal one-on-one with the Director, which translates to a profound level of care.

Nicole Gervasi is the noted leading vehicle for off-market sales and we pride ourselves on actively getting you a bigger piece of that market share pie and we are particularly good at it.

We are entrepreneurs, We are doers; and We do it by being forward looking, responsible & willing.

Meet Nikki

Nikki has quickly grown to over $341,000,000 in transactions and has established a highly accomplished enterprise actively based on repeat and referral business. Nikki is one of the youngest Directors to build an agency with a future-focused approach to property transactions. With a strong foothold in the inner-north suburbs her name has travelled through to deals both nationally and internationally. Her relentless dedication and profound network has made her a leading choice in this fast-paced industry. Whether you have short or long term property aspirations, Nikki will help you to unlock your potential for growth.