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Founded in 2017, Nicole Gervasi Property Group is a privately owned firm specialising in Residential & Commercial Sales, Investment Leasing & Property Management.

Each professional in our team is known as a major operator with a proven track record. We are backed by decade’s worth of insights allowing us to expertly advise every step of the way, this includes over $1 billion dollars’ worth in property business & the noted leading vehicle for off-market transactions.

We are proactive, reliable, and hell bent on getting you a bigger piece of that market share pie ensuring our clients properties have maximum exposure across media outlets and major databases. This network is what has driven Nicole Gervasi to become the most referred independent real estate group in Melbourne.

  • Core Values +-

    Our approach is built on collaboration and open communication. We take the time to truly understand your investment aspirations, risk tolerance, and outcome, allowing us to provide customised solutions that drive growth and profitability in the real estate market.

    We firmly uphold a fundamental principle; we prioritise the highest level of customer service and support as the core of everything we do.

  • Experience +-

    We aim to bring you the best under one roof. Nicole Gervasi delivers across four key areas;

    • Residential Sales
    • Project Marketing
    • Property Management
    • Commercial

    The combined strength of these divisions allows Nicole Gervasi to offer its clients the power of an extensive national and international network, a wealth of cross-transacting opportunities and a more seamless experience overall.

  • Notability +-

    We are built from the ground up making us your trusted partner who is invested in your success at every stage.

    Diving a little deeper, all our staff have had successful careers and companies and have skills that are honed and finessed for the role of an advisor.

    Our job enjoyment is high on the list, and this underscores how we care for our clients – every time.



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Our Culture

Our greatest asset is yours.

The greatest asset for this, or any agency, remains its people. Our difference is we recognise the fact. So, whilst the industry norm is to burn and churn, we’ve built a culture that respects individuals, nurtures talent and promotes endeavours.

Good people come to Nicole Gervasi and then become better. We work with each other collaboratively, and because we all enjoy working here, we stay here. The benefit to you is that you can build a relationship with someone you trust implicitly. Someone with already considerable talents, we continue to commit to cultivating. Someone who will be just as much an asset to your business as ours.

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Meet The Team

  • Meet Nikki
    About Nikki +-

    Nikki has quickly grown to over $1 Billion in transactions and has established a highly accomplished enterprise actively based on repeat and referral business.

    Nikki is one of the youngest Directors to build an agency with a future-focused approach to property transactions.

    With a strong foothold in the inner-north suburbs her name has travelled through to deals both nationally and internationally.

    Her relentless dedication and profound network has made her a leading choice in this fast-paced industry.

    She is matter of fact, strategically solid and has the ability to push boundaries on what can be done. There is an art to putting a deal together and that is what still drives her today.

    Whether you have short or long term property aspirations, Nikki will help you to unlock your potential for growth.

  • Meet Andrew
    About Andrew +-

    To put it into perspective, Andrew completed his biography questionnaire with arranging the categories and answers in an excel spreadsheet. And its this care and consideration to do things neat the first time, that you can rely on him for. It’s an old school work ethic that is born from 20 years networking and openly communicating on the restaurant floor. He’s a safe sturdy pair of hands. These are transferable skills now applied to the commitment of all things leasing, management & sales.

    He’s fast paced, optimistic and confident everywhere but the dance floor. Andrew knows that houses don’t sell houses, people do. So, his attention is on your intention.

    Andrew has real estate in his blood. And although it may have been his destiny, he really does love it. The fast pace, the connection, the every day. It just suits him. The thrill of being on this journey with you, well that’s what makes his real estate blood pump.

    It’s his commitment to each individual situation that we have seen before. As they say, like father like son.

  • Meet Paul
    About Paul +-


    Not just millennials here.

    Paul’s been putting deals together for over 30 years. He brings a level head to the office. Consistent and persistent. Always last to leave.

    He has an extensive understanding of those properties that increase over time – like a good historic pub. He makes the old school, cool.

    Ask around, he has mentored most of our industry leaders.

    Paul will find the needle in the haystack before triple checking to ensure the numbers stack up. With a firm handshake and experienced in the full spectrum of Residential & Commercial property, Paul has an ability to harness client relationships that have followed him for decades – both Nationally & Internationally.

    There’s devil in the day-to-day detail and Paul knows details – after his morning Short Macchiato of course!

    Eye over the operation.

  • Meet Julie
    Mobile: 0417 317 406
    About Julie +-

    On the money.

    Hands down, Julie is the most well-known accounts operator in the industry. She is one of the industry’s most valuable assets and highly sought-after like a tightly held property. We are so proud and lucky to have her on board with us to service each and every one of you.

    Before being with Nicole Gervasi Property Group, came a 40-year real estate journey on her impressive resume. In this time, she has worked in every sector in the game. Her innate sense of nothing gets past her ensures your money collection, distribution, reconciliation & colour co-ordinated file is not only done by the best, but in the smartest way.

    Julie brings analytical problem solving in house to Nicole Gervasi. Talking money, without it sounding like ‘money talk’. Julie drives the business allowing us to focus solely on navigating the sale, leasing & management of your property.

    Knowledgeable, Strategic & Cheeky with the one liners, Julie is the bigger picture during a time where emotion can mask logic.

    We describe Julie landing at Nicole Gervasi as fate.

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