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Nikki is one of the youngest Directors of any agency within our market with an aim on building a future focussed firm. She is one of Moonee Valleys most dynamic agents with relentless dedication which has seen Nikki build a new strong and successful enterprise based on repeat and referral business.

Nikki began her career with a mainstream firm before embarking on her own high-accomplished property career. She quickly proved to be powerful force amongst the major players in the industry.


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Whether looking to sell immediately or simply after an unbiased assessment of a property’s value or potential rental yield, we’re here to help. Our unmatched experience will provide you with all the information needed to make an informed decision.



It is evident Nikki loves her job, her attention to detail is nothing like I have seen.


It was no surprise to anyone that Nikki Gervasi’s career journey would eventually find its way into the property market with her dad being a successful and highly-respected commercial real estate agent.

Born and bred in Essendon, Nikki’s assertive personality and competitive spirit were honed at an early age growing up as the only girl in family of brothers. Completing a double degree in advertising, Nikki found immediate success in retail sales before embarking on her own highly-accomplished real estate career.

Nikki Gervasi quickly proved to be a powerful force in her own right becoming a fully licensed agent and consistent high-achiever with exceptional sales results across Moonee Valley and beyond. It’s evident to all that Nikki loves her work. She lives and breathes real estate, but also finds time for family and friends, great food and opportunities to travel as rare as they now may be.

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If you’re looking to sell or simply after an assessment of value, Nicole Gervasi has the expertise and experience to fulfil all your real estate needs.